In addition to the Tripoli safety code, QCRS has some additional rules that must be followed when flying with us:

  • You must be a member of QCRS to fly with us. Click HERE to join QCRS.
  • You must be either NAR or TRA certified to fly HPR: any motor “H Class” or larger.
  • You must fly within your certification level, unless you are attempting a certification flight.
  • Do not install igniters in any rocket motors until you are at the pad.
  • Do not arm any altimeters or timers until your rocket is on the pad and pointed upright.
  • Arm any electronics BEFORE installing igniters.
  • If you are flying any “Sparky” motor, you must alert the LCO ahead of time and have a fire crew ready to assist in the event of a field fire.
  • We reserve the right to ban all “Sparky” motors if the field conditions are too dry.
  • You are responsible for your actions.
  • You are responsible for any damage you may cause.
  • You are a guest on private property.
  • DO NOT drive or park in any of the farm fields. The only exception is at Midwest Power if we have permission to park in the field.
  • DO NOT park on private driveways.
  • Children must remain behind the flight line at all times. The only exception are documented Tripoli Mentoring Program participants between 12-17 years of age and accompanied by their mentor. See Tripoli’s website for more information on the Tripoli Mentoring Program:
  • Do not litter, take your trash with you.
  • Respect the other flyers, their personal property, and our land owner’s property
  • Ask questions, fly safe, have fun!